Posterous testing: Five Cheese Pizza


Been wondering how to post my iPhone pics to this blog when on the go. Stumbled on autopost functionality from and works well as you can see. This entire post was made through an email in, auto posting to wordpress.

“Here is a picture taken at a Chelsea Market and Cafe at Serendra, The Fort. A light thin crust five cheese pizza with mushrooms. The sauce base was home made and tasted fresh but a little too sour for my taste. The cheeses were nicely balanced and the mushrooms were very earthy (much to the complaint of T who kept picking them off her slice). This was paired with a Greek salad and a surprisingly rich pasta vongole (more on this later).”

Below is a great link to get you started.  All it takes is a few minutes to download, a simple registration, then you can point posterous to your WordPress blog (and Facebook and twitter and others ad nauseum).

Post to WordPress by Email | Es Developed – Fresh Website and Graphic Design.



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