Breakfast in Fremont: Country Way

I am in Silicon Valley this week for the quarterly business trip to review the state of our operations with our CEO. This usually means five days of operations review  stress, late nights of slide fondling and less than inspiring hotel breakfasts.

The hotel/inn our team is staying  is notorious for having a boring breakfast selection (different brands of cereal, different breads, hard boiled eggs, and all the cheese sticks you can eat!). So boring that it has bothered me enough to suggest to the hotel management that their breakfast selection was a deal breaker. Hey, I am a breakfast person and  my golden standards are still tapsilog (Tapa – Sinangang-Itlog, classic Filipino breakfast of cured beef, fried egg and fried rice or lugaw).

The picture above is my everyday working breakfast, bowl of high fiber cereal, skim milk, and my email inbox.  BORING.

Post the operations review however, we make it a point to drown our sorrows (or celebrate as the case this quarter) with a thousand calorie breakfast. This trip, we spent our 2500 per day calorie budget at the Country Way in Fremont.

The place is a low wooden building plastered with huge signs that call out the hearty breakfast offerings ( steak and eggs! french toast! boneless pork with eggs!). The decor feels like its stuck in the seventies and my friend who grew up in this area swear that these were the same waitresses who served him decades ago. The place was packed.

The selection was yummy. It took us a lot of time just to decide what to order. I think I had two cups of coffee just making up my mind.  Steaks for breakfast??! (Can’t get over my shock here…)
Chili omelette with sour cream and lot and lots of cheese. Not too spicy but oh so rich.
This was my selection, chicken apple sausage and sunny side eggs and smashed potatoes. Sourdough toast with butter and jam on the side. Bite one:  A bite of crunchy sausage casings, then juicy and sweet meat inside. Bite two: soft smashed potatoes soaked in egg yolk. Bite three: sourdough toast with strawberry jam and butter. Wash all down with black coffee. Repeat.
(My friend pointed out that I was fixated with Chicken Apple Sausage eversince we landed in the US. Probably inspired by the Oberon the Dog in Hexed by Kevin Hearne).
Coulette steak with eggs and smashed potatoes. My friends washed this down with coffee and mimosas!
A pile of hot toast: white, sourdough and whole wheat. I love the sourdough.
It was already six pm when I started to even get remotely hungry.  (Which was well enough since I ate enough calories for two days I think).
Excellent meal. Comforting, yes. Fattening,  definitely. Escapist eating, absolutely.  Will go back next quarter? Of course.

Country Way

5325 Mowry Ave
(at Farwell Dr)
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 797-3188

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