Skirts for a change.

I wore a skirt at work today. Nay, a black sheath dress. I haven’t done this is in ages.

It felt revolutionary. And freeing (no, it’s not because it was nice and airy underneath :))

In our office, the norm is smart casual i.e. dressy shirt+jeans. It is, after all difficult to get into the factory bunny suit in a skirt without showing unprofessional flashes of flesh, and the white ESD (electrostatic discharge) shoes do drain all fashion sense from whatever outfit you are wearing (for semicon industry newbies out there a bunny suit is de rigeur attire when going into a clean room, think Intel ads.)

It felt great to go against the norm.

It felt great to stand out against the drab pant-ed world.

It felt great to look like a woman and to be as tough as the rest of the men on the table.

It felt great that I did not have to hide my femininity and pretend that I am a man.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get into that bunny suit gracefully without causing a scandal in the gowning room…:)

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