Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

In our part of the tropics, anything below 22°C will have people start pulling out jackets from their closets. So when I asked what zero degrees feels like, my friends just told me to stick my head in the freezer for 20 minutes. Snowy Minneapolis-St. Paul then was very foreign to me, and very cold!

I looked every bit the weird tourist that I was in these pictures:

  1. Ridiculously puffy hat – check (an ill advised recommendation from a Timberland salesperson “the poof looks good on you”)
  2. Outrageously inappropriate shoes – check
  3. Giddy look of surprise over the cold squishy wet sock feeling- check (giddiness froze after a few minutes)
  4. Obviously walking near dangerous frozen lake  – check


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Not weird at all, you would have fit right in with that amazing toque, but not sure about those shoes as a giveaway that you were touring! Great interpretation of this week’s challenge!


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  3. When I first came over to the States, in Buffalo at that – I tried to wear fashionable boots to walk in the snow. But it was fun. It did not matter that you thought you looked ridiculous on hindsight, as long as you remember the fun and magic of it all. 🙂


    • Good advice on enjoying myself. Thanks. During selfish moments, I sometimes wish it gets cold enough here in the Philippines to wear those cool boots and coats with fur on them 🙂


  4. I just love this post, thank you! 🙂
    I live in Sweden and here we have that every winter… I wrote my post of just that… 😉
    It must have been a strange feeling for you, I hope you didn’t catch a cold.


    • Yes a very strange feeling, cold to the bones literally:) On your very icy weekly photo challenge post — what a coincidence! Living with snow and ice is indeed a novelty for half the world.


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