Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

I was half tempted to post the hubby’s fancy macro shots but it would be cheating :).

Exhibit A: Chocolate mousse cake at the New World Hotel, Makati, with the focus on the cake layers rather than the cake: chocolate sponge, tart mango curd, rich vanilla mousse, bittersweet chocolate mouse, topped with ganache and gold leaf.  The depth of field is not as shallow as I would like it to be, but what can you do with just an iPhone.

New World Chocolate Mousse

Exhibit B. Polka dotted cloth rolls. The focus is on my two favs: brown-on-the-blue, and the white-on-the-red. Everything else is inconsequential.


Exhibit C. Mayon Volcano viewed from the Legazpi Airport. Foreground and background in focus, with the airplane wing swoop mirroring the volcano slope. We spent four days in the Bicol region and the famous cone only made an appearance on our last day. 

Mayon Volcano

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

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  3. thank you so much for the pingback that’s some very nice looking cake in that first photo you’ve got! and flying is one of my other favourite activities, very unusual shot to take in that last one, makes me wish I was just getting off that plane to explore as well.


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